I was in 5th grade. Me and my sister heard the news on the radio. We immediately went to the tv, and I couldn't believe it. My mom then told me that my uncle was in NY on business, and was supposed to come back that day. It's unbelievable how lucky my family was. He was supposed to be on United Airlines flight 93 from Newark to San Francisco. He missed his flight due to a meeting running late. Ten years ago, I almost lost a uncle. I'm just glad things worked out the worked out the way they did.
I was 11. I remember watching the TV before heading to school and just not talking. In my first class, we continued watching the coverage, and everyone was quiet. Even though I live 2,000 miles away, at the time it hit me emotionally knowing that something so bad happened in our country. I can't fathom how those people who lost loved ones feel. For the rest of my life, I will always remember where I was and how I felt.
i was in 4th grade, and i was about to leave for school. we carpooled to school with my friend across the street, and she came by that morning and told us a plane had crashed in nyc so we turned on the news and saw the planes crashing into the towers. i remember my teacher trying to explain it to us and we had a tv on in the classroom. i live in chicago and the weirdest thing was there were no planes for the next two days, and downtown essentially closed for fear something would happen here
I read everyone's testimonies about their 9/11 experiences... I'm just really glad you let these to be posted out. I was 7 years old at that time and I didn't really understand what had happened back then and I don't live in the US. But ever since I understood all the matters about this tragedy it always makes me sad whenever it's the memorial day. I can't imagine the pain those people had to go through.. I pray that everyone who's affected by this be strengthened up. xx Always
I was in 5th grade in Ms. Bell’s class, I could even tell you the names of all my classmates. Our principal, for some reason his name has escaped me, came in and told us what had happened. We left school early that day and that video clip, the one of the first plane hitting one of the towers, kept showing over and over on the tv, all day. I don’t even think I played with my friends that day, I’m pretty sure I just kept watching that over and over. Nobody I knew and loved was in it but I do know
I was in the 5th grade, I lived 20 minutes north of NYC. I remember slowly all of the kids were being called out of class to go home. Even my teacher left class early that day and someone else was brought in. No one spoke of what happened but you could tell by the looks on all of the adult's faces there was something horrible going on. I live in DC today, the people on the streets today, have the same faces on. I will never forget, not ever.
On 9/11/01 I was sitting in my 5th grade classroom, 45 minutes outside the city in NJ. I remember my principal coming over the loudspeaker telling us the first tower had been hit. Many kids had to leave because their parents worked in the towers, but I stayed because mine worked in NJ. My mom and dad met me outside after school and I remember just crying in their arms because I was so scared. I watched Bush address the nation that night and I remember just feeling like everything had changed.
I was in second grade. For some reason or other, our teacher was late. When she did come in, however, she led us to the library and had us sit down at the tables. The only tv that had cable was in there and switched on to the news. We all watched as the news played the crash over and over and talked of how people died or were missing. We even saw the other tower collapse. Not very many kids left school. I was one of the few who didn't leave. For the first time, I had felt weak...
I was in 2nd grade on 9/11/01. I can remember my class sitting on the rug with someone was reading to us. My teacher kept getting up to answer the phone, and people kept coming into the room, talking to her. Then she told us, in the easiest way that a second grader could understand, but until I got home and saw it on TV, I didn't really get it. My dad told me that my uncle had been in a tower, and he and 6 other men helped to carry a handicapped woman down. Im so grateful he's here today.
I'm from Australia, but 9/11 had such an impact that it shook the entire world. My world; I was 11 when it happened. I remember watching TV in my sister's room when the news started flashing images of the twin towers. Being a child, I didn't fully understand the scope of what had happened, but I remember crying. I remember tuning into the news each day, watching them announce the names of the people that had been killed. I think it's because I knew then that my world, our world, had changed.