I was in 4th grade, at home, doing homework, and my parents were watching the nighttime news (we live in the Philippines). When we saw the first plan crash into the tower, we called my two aunts and my cousins immediately b/c they live in NYC. We were so relieved to know that they were safe, but we just couldn't believe what we were seeing on CNN that night... The next morning at assembly, our teachers read out names of those who had lost their lives that day.. It was very heavy stuff, shocking.
I was in 6th grade, woke up like a normal day in CO and walked to school. when i got there every one was talking about something weird going on, i asked them what they were talking about when we got in class, and they thought it was strange that i didnt know. our teacher then told us to sit down and she turned on the tv and we all saw it.... every one got sent home early... later my dad told my brothers and i, like he did during the Columbine HS tragedy, this is going to change our lives forever
I was in downtown manhattan in the 4th grade. My mom was in the subway and heard a giant booming sound so she came running to our school and the second plane flew over her head. I was in class and I don't remember hearing anything but our teacher told us what happened. My brother and I found my mom and we ran home with the rest of the crowd. We were a bit far but I turned around and saw everything, the fire, the people in the air that looked like ants. I don't know how it changed me
I was in first grade and there was an announcement made. The minute I heard the Twin Towers were hit, I cried. My mom worked there. My grandmother came down the block and picked me up and we sat in her living staring out the window at the smoke from only a few miles away. I dont remember a sicker, scarier feeling in my life, not knowing if my mother was alive or not. Luckily, she was. I made her late that day by begging her to go home and get my lunchbox because I forgot. I felt like a hero at 6
I was five years old, and living in Washington DC. The twin towers were hit, and then a half hour later, The Pentagon was hit. I was something like 20 miles away. There was panic at the school, we were all shuffled into this tiny little room until our parents came to get us. Our teachers were all crying and no one had any idea what was going on. I was one of the first to leave, and we drove to my aunts house outside of the city. I was so terrified, I'll never forget that day.
I was only in first grade when the towers were hit. I was at school and my mother worked at school. My mom said that everyone came to her office to watch the news. After watching the news, she went outside with a couple of other co workers. Where I live, which is close to the school, there are planes constantly flying over. As if they practice around the lake we live beside. While my mom was outside a plane flew above. This made her worried so she brought me and my brother home.
I was in my 3rd grade class and I remember my teacher coming different she wasn't Like herself I didn't realize at the time she was in shock. Everyone in class one by one was taken out of class and were going home, it was such a weird morning. My mom took me out of school and my mom was listening to the president and that's when I heard we were attacked. I didn't understand death back then like I do now. Every year I cry when I see things on 9/11. I lived duting the day that changed the world.

Today’s a day most of us probably won’t every forget. As horrific as it is, it’s burned into our memories, and influences the decisions made in our daily lives.

As a blog with a relatively large following, we’re welcoming you to tell us about the day in your eyes. Where were you? What were you doing? How has 9/11 changed you? 

Just hit up our ask box.  

We at FYP hope you have a good day today, and our condolences go out to anyone deeply affected by the atrocities committed on 9/11.

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